Tell Your Reps: Stand Fast on Fast Track

President Obama and other heads of state are meeting in Asia this month to yet again try to push forward with TPP negotiations.

We've managed to disrupt and derail this diabolical deal for years - and now the corporations and negotiators are getting desperate. They believe they can get Fast Track trade authority passed during the post-election lame duck session of Congress, with many outgoing lawmakers functioning without accountability.

Please call your representatives today and tell them to resist this latest push for Fast Track trade authority.

We want to know what they said - record responses in the form on the left.

Sample script:

Hello, my name is ___{name}___ and I'm calling today to ask that ___{Rep/Senator's name}___, oppose any trade promotion bill that would relinquish Congress' constitutional authority to oversee trade deals.

There's an excellent chance one of these so-called 'Fast Track' bills will be considered in the lame duck session. I would like to ask that Rep/Sen. ___ please oppose this legislation.