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WHIP COUNT: Do House Democrats Support Pelosi if She Advances Obama-GOP Tax Plan?

If a majority of Democrats won't vote for the Obama-GOP tax plan, Speaker Pelosi must not bring it to the floor for a vote. So let's find out where Democrats stand.

Here's what to say - and a list of Democrats in the House with their phone numbers is below.

Hi, this is [YOUR NAME].

I'm calling about the Obama-GOP tax plan. Does Rep. [LAST NAME] support Speaker Pelosi if she brings the tax plan to the floor against the will of a majority of the Democratic caucus?

Last week the Democratic caucus stood together in near unanimous opposition to the Obama-GOP tax plan, and Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn't bring it to the floor.

I want to find out exactly where Rep. [LAST NAME] stands.

Please tell Rep. [LAST NAME] has my support if HE/SHE opposes this giveaway to the rich.

Thank you for your time.

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