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Tell the Senate to Pass Direct Student Lending

Sign our petition to the Senate:

President Obama's direct student lending plan must be passed as soon as possible to remove middlemen bankers and provide our schools and students with the money they urgently need this year. 

The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act was included in Senate reconciliation instructions for 2009, requiring only 50 votes to pass. 

But if Senators try to "fix" health care and don't pass direct student lending at the same time, it will be another year until student loan reform can be taken up again.

And while schools and students struggle to get the money they need in time for school next year, the banks have introduced 'compromise' bill that's stripping support away from direct student lending and preserves their huge profits at the same time. We can't let them get away with this.

Sign our petition to the Senate: don't give another dime to bailed out banks. Pass direct student lending now.

For more information, check out STUDENTS, NOT BANKS.

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