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Tell House Progressives: Honor Your Pledge

Raul Grijalva

Sign our petition to Progressive Caucus leader Rep. Raul Grijalva: 

Sixty-five progressive members of Congress pledged to vote against any health care bill without a public option.  The Senate bill not only lacks a public option, but is an ungodly mess of corporate giveaways that will make healthcare even more unaffordable to middle class Americans. It forces them to pay 8% of their income to protected insurance company monopolies for a product they don't want and can't afford to use.

The Massachusetts election was a wakeup call:  America rejects this bill.

Now it only takes 51 votes to change the Senate bill, but the Senate still arrogantly refuse to do so. Members of the House must stand firm in their commitment and vote against the massively unpopular Senate health care bill.

Rep. Grijalva has been a true champion for the public option. And now, because he's sticking to his pledge and his principles, he is being called a "monster." We need to get the backs of Grijalva and his fellow 65 members of Congress who refused to vote for any bill without a public option.

We'll deliver your signature to Rep. Grijalva and the Progressive Caucus this week.

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