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Tell BP: Put Cleanup Workers' Health Before Your PR

Tell BP to protect cleanup workersSign the petition to call for BP to provide breathing respirators to oil disaster workers:

"BP should take every possible step to help cleanup workers, including providing and paying for the proper breathing respirators needed to protect workers' lungs."

Petition targets: BP CEO Tony Hayward. CC: US National Incident Commander Thad Allen, OSHA Director David Michaels, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis.

More than 100 people in the Gulf have reported identical illnesses from BP's oil, and that doesn't include untold numbers of workers hiding their symptoms for fear of being fired by BP.

Yet despite clear evidence of illness from exposure to oil and dispersants, BP refuses to provide respirators to people cleaning up its disaster. Why? Because BP is afraid of the PR impact from images of people wearing this critical safety equipment in pictures and on TV.

No amount of good PR images for BP is worth the health and lives of people battling BP's oil in the Gulf Coast.

Sign our petition to BP to pay for proper safety equipment and respirators for cleanup workers. Add your name to the right.


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