FDL Action

Call Now: Oppose the Freedumb Act; Support Real NSA Reform

The USA Freedom Act passed the House, but it has been so seriously gutted that we can no longer support it.

You need to let your Senators they should oppose the current version of this bill.

Can you please call your Senators to oppose the new USA Freedom Act and call for a bill that truly ends mass surveillance?

Find the Senators' phone numbers and our script below.

We want to know what they said - record responses in the form on the left.

Sample script:

Hello, my name is {name} and I'm calling today to ask that {Senator's name} oppose the USA Freedom Act.

The Freedom act was once a promising reform bill that would have ended bulk data collection. But key components were removed from the bill right before its passage making it so terrible that half of the bill's original sponsors didn't even vote for it.

Please tell {Senator's name} to oppose the USA Freedom Act and pursue legislation that truly reigns in the NSA and ends dragnet surveillance.

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