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Let Us Know Which Occupations Need Cold-Weather Supplies

Since its launch in mid-October the Firedoglake Occupy Supply Fund has already purchased more than $40,000 worth of supplies for occupations around the country.

We've ordered bulk packages of hats, socks, blankets and other cold-weather gear to get these protests through the winter. Now we need the help of Firedoglake activists to figure out which occupations need these supplies.

If you are attending an occupation, or know of one that needs cold-weather gear, let us know. We'll take your suggestions, make contact with occupations and work to get these supplies to the protesters who need them.

Police have started cracking down on some occupations with increased intensity. In other parts of the country, opponents of the movement are hoping the winter will freeze out the protesters. We want to make sure that doesn't happen.

If you have a suggestion for an occupation that needs cold-weather supplies, let us know. Please provide us with as much information as possible: size of the occupation, location, contact people, supplies needed, etc. With your help we'll make sure the Occupy Movement survives the tough months ahead.

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