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Call Your State Senator In Support of Medical Marijuana for New York

One New York state senator is using spring recess to spout fact-free nonsense about medical marijuana.

After Just Say Now activists contacted their representatives last week, Senator Greg Ball tweeted:

"Receiving emails, calls on "Medical" Marijuana...let me be clear: Marijuana is NOT medicine. Period. Next topic..."

Unfortunately for Mr. Ball, mounting research and thousands of doctors and patients around the country strongly disagree.

Can you please call your senator's district office and say you stand with New York patients, not out-of-touch politicians like Greg Bell, on medical marijuana?

Sample script:

Hello, my name is ____{name}____ and I'm calling to urge Senator ____{name}____ to support safe access to medical marijuana for patients in New York.

As you may know, Senate Bill 4406 was just introduced, a bill that would regulate medical marijuana in our state. If passed, this critical legislation will provide patients with safe access to medicine they so critically need.

It's time for New York to do the right thing for our chronically and terminally ill. Can I count on ____{name}____'s support for bringing medical marijuana to New York state?

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