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Stop the BP Bailout: Tell the Senate to Hold BP Accountable
Goal: 50,000 signatures by next week

Stop the BP bailoutDuring President Obama's address from the oval office, he said that BP must "set aside whatever resources are required to compensate the workers and business owners who have been harmed as a result of his company's recklessness."

Setting aside money from BP is a good first step. But Congress has a role, too. The Senate will soon debate legislation to make BP pay every dime for its oil disaster.

Sign our petition to the Senate:

When a company like BP conducts reckless projects that destroy our environment and our communities, they should assume full liability for their actions and be held financially responsible for paying any damages.
Limiting the responsibility of companies who pose such a threat to our collective safety and livelihood ultimately puts taxpayers on the hook for cleaning up someone elses mess. We can't let a limit be placed on how much BP owes for destroying the lives of countless Gulf residents and wildife.
We, the undersigned, demand the Senate reject a BP bailout and force reckless companies pay for their disasters in full.  Taxpayers cannot be expected to bailout another irresponsible corporate giant.

Add your name to our petition now and take a stand for greater accountability.  We'll deliver the signatures to the Senate next week.

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