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Tell President Obama: Don't Nominate Ray Kelly for DHS

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and the Department of Homeland Security are a match made in heaven -- and that's why we should do everything we can to stop him.

This is the man who spied on New York City Muslims after 9/11, institutionalized racial profiling via "Stop and Frisk" and brutalized protesters throughout Occupy Wall Street. Putting him in charge of an agency that itself has an odious legacy of rights abuses would be a monumental mistake.

Please join us in calling on President Obama not to nominate NYPD Commissioner Ray "Stop and Frisk" Kelly for DHS Secretary.:

Ray Kelly's tenure as NYPD Police Commissioner is marred by the institutionalization of unconstitutional law enforcement practices that have turned the city into a police state for the poor, the dissenting and people of color. We the undersigned ask that President Obama do not consider him for the next secretary of Homeland Security.

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