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Tell the U.S. Senate: Investigate the Surveillance State

Recently published top secret NSA documents detail broad, dragnet surveillance of Americans' online and telephone communications, and have sparked a national debate about whether these measures are still necessary 12 years after 9/11.

History shows us a path forward: after Watergate, Idaho Senator Frank Church convened a committee to investigate the intelligence gathering activities of the FBI, CIA and NSA. While the solutions were far from perfect, the revelations of surveillance abuse from the Church Committee helped introduce accountability measures to the intelligence community.

Join us in calling for a formal Senate investigation into the intelligence gathering activities of the NSA, CIA and FBI:

In light of recent disclosures about the surveillance of Americans by federal intelligence agencies, we the undersigned call upon the U.S. Senate to convene a special committee to conduct a full and formal investigation into the size and scope of such programs conducted by the NSA, CIA and FBI.

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