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Tell the IRS: Treat Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Like Other Businesses

The IRS is demanding that Harborside, one of California's largest medical marijuana dispensaries, hand over $2.5 million in taxes or close up shop for good.

It's not that Harborside hasn't been paying taxes. Instead, the IRS has decided the dispensary can't claim the same standard tax deductions every other business enjoys, like payroll, rent and workers' compensation.

If the goverment subjects other dispensaries to this absurd tax rule, they will be forced to shut down — eliminating jobs, gutting state tax revenues and denying sick people their medicine in the process.

Sign our petition telling the IRS to grant medical marijuana dispensaries the same tax deductions that other businesses enjoy:

The IRS' refusal to grant the Harborside medical marijuana dispensary the same standard tax deductions as other U.S. businesses means the dispensary is stuck with a $2.5 million tax bill and will be forced to close for good.

If the IRS chooses to enforce this policy elsewhere, dispensaries across the country will have to shut down, jobs will be lost, state tax revenues will suffer, and seriously ill people will be denied their medicine.

We, the cosigned, demand that the IRS treat dispensaries like all other U.S. businesses and grant them the same tax deductions that other business enjoy.

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