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FOIA the Judge's Decisions in Bradley Manning's Trial
Add your name to push back on the government's efforts to deny public access to court filings

In March, the Center for Constitutional Rights petitioned to force Judge Denise Lind to grant the press and public access to Bradley Manning's court filings, like motions, orders and judge's decisions.

In response, the government said the press and public could file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests -- and since the plaintiffs do not have any currently pending, there is insufficient demand for the judge to grant access.

That may be true, but the idea that FOIA requests, which sometimes take months to complete, can be a legitimate substitute for access to records is absurd and makes it impossible for the press to report in accurate detail in a timely fashion. But to challenge the government's argument, FDL's Kevin Gosztola is going to FOIA the judge's decisions - and we want you to sign on, too.

Add your name to our FOIA using the form on the left and help us show the immense public demand for this information.

NOTE: Your name will appear on our FOIA request as entered and will be submitted to the Judge Advocate General and publicly tracked on MuckRock.com.

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