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Sign the petition to the House: Stay firm on your pledge for the public option

GOAL: 25,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 65,000 70,000.

Latest update: 65,549 (9/13/09) 

65 members of the House drew a line in the sand: no public option, no health care bill.

Sign this petition to these members to let them know you have their backs, and to remind them that they cannot vote for anything but a public option in both the House bill AND the conference bill.

Add your name to the left now to sign our petition. We already delivered the first 63,629 names on this petition, and we'll continually update we'll deliver the petition to members holding the line on the public option when they return from recess.

Watch the video of our first delivery: 

Need to know more?  Watch Jane Hamsher talk with Rachel Maddow about how only the House can protect the strong public option.

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