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Tell Facebook To End Their Unfair 'Pay to Promote' Policy

Did you know Facebook is now limiting the reach of your posts and updates, demanding payment in exchange for communicating with all of your friends and fans?

When Facebook began to struggle after going public this past May, they quietly introduced a new "Promoted Posts" feature that forces you to pay money to reach upwards of 80% of your friends and fans, effectively censoring you by limiting the prominence of your posts if you pay nothing.

If Facebook keeps this up, your timeline may soon be dominated by only major corporations willing to spend the cash. Sign our petition calling on Facebook to keep the social network truly free and change their Pay-to-Promote policy that unfairly limits users speech.

We, the undersigned, believe Facebook should immediately end it pay-to-promote policy.

This policy effectively sells Facebook's communicative and democratizing power to the highest bidder, thus silencing individuals and smaller organizations.

If Facebook values its users at all, it will cease this policy immediately.

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