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Marijuana Censored by Facebook: Help Us Fight Back!

Facebook Censors Marijuana - Sign the Petition

After our ads with the Just Say Now logo of marijuana leaf ran more than 38 million times, Facebook flip-flopped and banned all images of marijuana from its ads.

Sign our petition to Facebook to protest this censorship:

Marijuana legalization is a critical issue facing our country. Clear majorities in states across the country support legalizing marijuana. 

By censoring marijuana leaves, Facebook is banning political speech. This is unfair, and unacceptable. 

Facebook should reverse its decision and allow the free discussion of US drug policy that the country is ready for. 

Add your name to the left. We'll send the petition to Facebook and let the media know how strongly people feel about this important issue

The ad Facebook doesn't want you to see

Just Say Now, our campaign for marijuana legalization, ran ads promoting our campaign that showed our logo, which uses a marijuana leaf.

Despite the ad running more than 38 million times, Facebook flip-flopped and started censoring our ads and our political speech.

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