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Demand the Senate Judiciary Committee Investigate
the DEA's Abuse of Daniel Chong

23-year-old Daniel Chong was abandoned in his cell for 5 days after a 4/20 Drug Enforcement Agency raid at UC San Diego.

Handcuffed, alone and forgotten in a windowless, 5x10' room without food or water, Daniel began to hallucinate, was forced to drink his own urine, and even tried to commit suicide by eating the lenses of his glasses.

Daniel was nearly tortured to death for attending a 4/20 party, and while this is an extreme case, it's not the first time the DEA has abused its power and unnecessarily put lives at risk.

Can you sign our petition to Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy demanding an investigation into the DEA's abuse of Daniel Chong?

To: Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Senator Patrick Leahy

On April 21st, the Drug Enforcement Agency raided a 4/20 party at the University of California at San Diego, arresting 23-year-old Daniel Chong and others who had been smoking marijuana.

But after questioning Daniel, DEA agents abandoned him in a cell, handcuffed, without food and water for 5 days straight. Daniel was forced to drink his own urine and even attempted suicide.

The DEA's reprehensible treatment of Daniel Chong almost cost him his life and deserves intense scrutiny.

We, the undersigned, demand the Senate Judiciary Committee investigate how Daniel could have been so abused by the DEA and hold accountable all those responsible.

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