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Stand with Lt. Dan Choi:
Oppose His Punishment at the Hands of the White House and Military.

Lt. Dan Choi

Don't Ask, Don't Tell activist Lt. Dan Choi needs our help.

The Obama Administration has put Dan on trial for protesting in front of the White House using an arcane law written to silence important women suffragists. Apparently that wasn't enough.

Collection agencies are now demanding Dan pay over $3,000 to the Department of Defense to "make up" for the portion of his enlistment he did not serve after he was thrown out of the Army for disclosing his sexual orientation.

But that's not all: Dan was also arrested in August for protesting the Keystone XL oil pipeline in front of the White House - and has been ordered to stand trial in superior court in October. Dan also received a 'stay away' order from the White House, making it a felony for him to exercise his right to free speech at the national landmark.

Firedoglake is determined to help him in the press and through relentless and effective activism campaigns -- but we need you on-board if we hope make an impact.

Stand with Lt. Dan Choi:
"I pledge to defend Lt. Dan Choi from the White House and Military's attacks. Lt. Choi should not have to pay back-fees stemming for being kicked out of the Army under DADT, and should not face trial for exercising his right to free speech."

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