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Call TransCanada Corporate Offices:
Demand They Denounce Torture of Keystone XL Blockaders!

Activists Benjamin Franklin and Shannon Bebe chained themselves to heavy machinery to delay construction on the toxic Keystone XL pipeline. But when a TransCanada supervisor named "John" arrived on the scene and privately huddled with police, things got ugly.

The activists say that officers immediately forced them into stress positions and used chokeholds, violent arm-twisting, pepper spray and even repeated tasering to force them to relent.

Afterwards TransCanada staff congratulated the police for a "job well done."

Use the phone numbers and sample script below to call TransCanada corporate offices and demand CEO Girling publicly denounce the abuse of peaceful protesters.

Head Office
Tel.: 1-800-661-3805 (Toll-free within North America)
Tel.: 1-403-920-2000 (Canada)

Keystone Oil Pipeline Operations
Tel.: 1-866-717-7473
Email: keystone@transcanada.com

Ethics Help-Line
Tel.: 1-888-920-2042

Community, Safety and Environment
Tel.: 1-403-920-2752
Email: cs_e@transcanada.com

Sample Script

Hi, my name is {YOUR NAME} and I'm calling today to demand CEO Russ Girling denounce the use of torture on Keystone XL protesters in Winnsboro, Texas.

Yesterday, at the request of TransCanada, two activists say they were forced into stress positions by police, had their arms twisted, were pepper sprayed and repeatedly tasered. The supervisor was then overheard congratulating the police on their fine work.

This behavior is disgusting. There is no justification for torture, and CEO Russ Girling must publicly and immediately respond to this heinous act.

Thank you for your time.

This action is brought to you by Firedoglake, 350.org, the Tar Sands Blockade, the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), CREDO and Rising Tide North America

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