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Drop the "Aiding the Enemy" Charge Against Pfc. Manning
Call Maj. Gen. Jeffery S. Buchanan: 202-685-2807

UPDATE: Use the player above to listen to Manning's historic, personal testimony to his motivation behind leaking diplomatic cables and battlefield data to Wikileaks.

Manning explained that he had become deeply troubled by the reality of our asymmetric warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the cover-up of horrific battlefield crimes and felt similar events could only be prevented by vigorous public debate.

Call Maj. Gen. Buchanan and ask him to drop the "aiding the enemy" charge against Bradley Manning.

Maj. Gen. Buchanan: 202-685-2807

Note: If Maj. Gen. Buchanan's voicemail box is full you can also leave a message at the DOD: (703) 571-3343

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*If this mailbox is also full, leave the Department of Defense a written message here: https://kb.defense.gov/app/ask/session/

Sample script:

Hello, my name is ____{name}____ and I'm calling today to urge Major General Jeffery S. Buchanan to drop the "aiding the enemy" charge leveled at accused whistleblower Private First Class Bradley Manning.

Manning's February 28th testimony clearly shows that his intention in leaking these documents was to inform public debate over U.S. foreign policy. The idea that Manning aided al-Qaeda because the leaked documents were published on the internet is patently absurd and sets a very dangerous precedent for journalism and whistle-blowing alike.

Please drop the aiding the enemy charge against Bradley Manning. Thank you.

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