FDL Action

Federal Drug Task Force Seizes Marijuana Legalization Petitions. Demand They Give Them Back.

A federally funded drug task force seized as evidence up to 200 petition signatures for marijuana legalization in Washington State in series of early-morning raids this week. Sign our petition to get the signatures back:

To WestNet Narcotics Enforcement Team:

Petition signatures seized in a medical marijuana dispensary are evidence of nothing but an exercise in democracy. WestNet needs to return all 200 petition signatures and destroy any copies made of the petitions.

Seizing the petition signatures is bad enough. What's worse is what the task force did on its raids on the marijuana dispensary and the owner's home.

Drug agents handcuffed a 14-year-old boy and pointed a gun at his head. Then they took $80 from a 9-year-old girl's Minnie Mouse wallet that she earned for straight A's on her report card.

It's this kind of reckless waste of time and money that makes marijuana legalization a safer, smarter alternative than the failed war on drugs. These petitions need to get back to their rightful owners to continue Washington State's campaign to legalize marijuana.


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