Just Say Now - Legalize Marijuana

Legalize It: Join the Peter Tosh Family and Just Say Now
to Call Voters in support of Prop 19

Just Say Now bubbleIn 1976, Reggae legend Peter Tosh released the song "Legalize It," which became an international anthem for legalizing marijuana. Now, the Peter Tosh Family speaks out to endorse California's Proposition 19 and the Just Say Now campaign to legalize marijuana.

In this video, Peter Tosh's son Dave speaks to his father's commitment to legalizing marijuana, and encourages voters to vote Yes on Prop 19. And the Peter Tosh Estate released the following statement:

Today, as Peter Tosh did back in 1976 with the release of “Legalize It,” the Peter Tosh Estate proudly speaks out for marijuana legalization. They do this in the name of Peter Tosh, his music, and their strong belief in the power of “Yes” on California’s Proposition 19. Join them in the fight for legalization by supporting the Just Say Now campaign.

Join with Just Say Now and the Peter Tosh Family to say "Legalize It" - sign up to call voters for Prop 19.

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