FDL Action

Call Congress for a Strong Public Option at (202) 224-3121, and then report your call.

Thanks for calling Congress to demand a public health insurance option. Let us know what they say in the box to the left. (Want to call specific progressives?  Their numbers are below.)

We're coming down the home stretch for the public option.  Progressives in the House of Representatives are starting to count votes for the public option. 

Here's what we need you to say when you reach your representative's office:

  1. State your name, city, and state, and that you're calling because you strongly support only a true public option in health care reform.
  2. Say that you expect your Representative to support nothing less than a strong public option - that means no co-ops, no triggers.
  3. Ask if you can count on your Representative to only vote for a strong public option and vote against any bill that doesn't have a strong public option.  Again, that means no co-ops, no triggers.

These are the members of Congress who really need calls. On the left are those who signed a letter in support of a strong public option and need to be asked to take the pledge. On the right are those who should take the pledge but haven't.

65 members of Congress Who Pledged to Support a Public Option

55 members of Congress Who Need to Pledge to Support a Public Option

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