FDL Action

Call Wood County Officials:
Hold TransCanada Accountable for Free Speech Repression

Off-duty cops working as Transcanada security recently detained two New York Times reporters on private property surrounding the Tar Sands Blockade.

Our coalition is mobilizing to call Wood County officials to demand an investigation and accountability for TransCanada's outrageous actions against members of the press and public in east Texas.

Use the phone numbers and sample script below to call Wood County officials and demand they hold TransCanada to account.

Wood County Department of Public Safety
Tel.: 903-342-0492

Wood County District Attorney
Tel.: 903-763-2201

Wood County District Attorney
Tel.: 903-763-4515

Texas Rangers
Tel.: 1-512-424-2160

Sample Script

Hi, my name is {YOUR NAME} and I'm calling today to demand Wood County officials hold the TransCanada corporation responsible for it's belligerent acts towards peaceful protesters and members of the press at the Keystone XL pipeline construction site.

TransCanada has employed off-duty police to abuse and harass peaceful protesters for weeks. But now they're using security forces to interrogate and detain people on private property outside the construction site -- including two reporters for the New York Times.

Politics aside, these bullying tactics are reprehensible and possibly illegal. I ask that your office please look into TransCanada's actions immediately and protect citizens of Wood County by holding them accountable under the law.

Thank you for your time.

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