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Tell Rep Nancy Pelosi: Publicly Oppose Fast-Track Trade Authority
Call Rep Pelosi's Leadership Office: (202) 225-0100

We need House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's support to put an end to the President's efforts to Fast Track the Trans-Pacific Partnership into law.

The President is now pushing harder than ever to secure Fast Track authority before he signs the agreement in Singapore next week, which would prohibit amendments and limit debate, keeping the bill's controversial contents a secret and all-but insuring it will become law.

Now that she's in a leadership position, Rep. Pelosi's public opposition to Fast Track could unite Democrats to derail it and stop the TPP.

Call Rep. Pelosi's leadership office, and tell her to make a public stand against giving President Obama authority to fast track the TPP into law.

Call Rep Pelosi's Leadership Office: (202) 225-0100

We want to know what she says - record responses in the form on the left.

Sample script:

Hello, my name is __{name}__ and I'm calling today to ask that Minority Leader Pelosi publicly oppose granting the president Fast-Track trade authority ahead of the final negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

More than 150 house Democrats have opposed fast-tracking this secretive deal which will offshore American jobs and give corporations tremendous power to circumvent environmental and labor regulations. But if Leader Pelosi indicates she also opposes fast track, as she did under Presidents Clinton and Bush, she could move others to join those 151 and commit such wide-ranging and impactful legislation to scrutiny.

I have appreciated Rep. Pelosi's leadership in protecting congress' authority to oversee trade agreements that impact the lives of millions of Americans and hope she will do it again now.

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