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Tell Rep. Sandy Levin: Don't Sell Out Workers; Oppose Fast Track
Call Rep Levin's District Office: (586) 498-7122

Transnational corporations and their partners in government have failed to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership by the end of this year, but the fight is far from over. Republican leadership is now signaling that they will introduce their own Fast Track bill in January.

The good news is your efforts have already convinced 175 Democrats and 30 Republicans to oppose granting President Obama Fast-Track authority to pass this catastrophic trade deal in the dark.

But the bad news is Representative Sandy Levin, the House Democrats' most senior trade committee member, may make a last-minute move to support Fast Track and take the remaining Democrats with him.

Call Rep. Sandy Levin today and tell him to stand with American workers and the rest of the Democrats in opposing Fast Track.

Call Rep. Levin's District Office: (586) 498-7122

We want to know what he says - record responses in the form on the left.

Sample script:

Hello, my name is __{name}__ and I'm calling today to ask that Rep. Levin oppose granting the president Fast-Track trade authority ahead of the final negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

As the ranking member on the Ways and Means committee, Rep. Levin has significant influence over his fellow Democrats on matters of trade. In the past he's used his influence to help push through disastrous trade agreements. If Rep. Levin doesn't want his legacy to be one of selling out American workers he'll oppose Fast Track trade authority for the TPP.

Can I count on Rep. Levin to oppose Fast Track?

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