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Call Your Representative:  Do they oppose a public option with triggers or opt-outs? 

If we're going to get a public option, we need to line up members of Congress now. These members previously committed to a public option - now we need to nail then down on triggers and opt-outs.  Firedoglake is joining with CREDO Action and Democracy for America to drive calls to Congress.

Find your Rep's phone number in the table belowUse this script when you call and enter the responses in the form to the right.

If the person on the phone doesn't know the answers to your questions, ask to speak to someone who can, or to get a response later.

Hi, my name is __________ and I'm a constituent of Rep. _______.  I'm calling because I support a public option without triggers or state opt-outs.

I want to know where the Representative stands on the conference bill and the public option.

Will the Representative oppose a conference bill with triggers, which would indefinitely delay a public option?

Will the Representative oppose a conference bill that allows states to opt-out, which would deny citizens of conservative states the choice of a public option?

Thank you. 

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