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Stand with Occupy Buffalo:
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UPDATE: Buffalo's Dept. of Public Works has put all of Occupy Buffalo's belongings in a heap outside -- including one Occupier's badly-needed insulin -- but refuses to let Occupiers get it back. Call Dept. of Public Works NOW at 716-851-5636 and demand they give the Occupiers their stuff back before they close for the weekend.

Buffalo city officials bulldozed Occupy Buffalo's camp at Niagara Square last night at 2:00AM, confiscating and destroying personal property while arresting 10 people in the process.

Occupy Buffalo was in negotiations with the city to extend their permit and remain in Niagara Square, where they have been peacefully protesting for over 100 days. But Mayor Byron Brown, city council members and other city officials were upset by Occupy Buffalo's effective work in opposing NFTA bus lines from shutting down and fighting Cuomo's scam to destroy low income housing for public-private medical complex, funded with taxpayer money-- and decided to forcibly eject the protesters from the park. Police used a "tank" (pictured) comparable to a casspir, which was used against anti-apartheid protesters in South Africa.

Local law enforcement and community members have repeatedly praised Occupy Buffalo for their cooperation with the city. But it's now clear that the respect Occupy Buffalo has shown for the city's 'concerns' was evidently not met with equal respect for their right to engage in community activism on behalf of Buffalo citizens.

Occupy Buffalo has been one of the most vibrant and inspiring occupations to take place across the country, and we need to stand up for them in this time of crisis. Can you call Gov. Cuomo, the Mayor, city council and others in city government and tell them you stand with Occupy Buffalo against this heinous attempt to curb their free speech?

Find city officials' phone numbers and our script below.


Hello, my name is ____{name}____ and I'm calling today to express my outrage over the city's decision to forcibly evict Occupy Buffalo from Niagara Square last night.

This is clearly an attempt to silence Occupy Buffalo and all those who oppose the shut-down of NFTA bus lines that Buffalo residents depend on to get to their jobs. Meanwhile you are squandering the $1 billion given to the city of Buffalo by Governor Cuomo on shady developer deals that destroy low income housing and benefit private corporations.

Occupy Buffalo has repeatedly gone out of its way to show respect for the 'concerns' of city officials by participating in permit negotiations and maintaining a peaceful, orderly camp. I am appalled at the behavior of Mayor Byron Brown and the Common Council, and stand in solidarity with Occupy Buffalo. Thank you for your time.

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