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Tell President Obama: Reschedule Marijuana Now!

Agents from the DEA and IRS recently raided Oaksterdam University, arresting founder and Prop 19 sponsor Richard Lee.

Richard is confined to a wheelchair and, after learning about the palliative qualities of medical marijauna, started Oaksterdam as the first industry training facility of its kind. This senseless raid has now forced Richard out of the business he loves.

But because marijuana is a Schedule I substance with the likes of heroin and ecstasy, federal agents were able to detain Richard, raiding Oaksterdam and his home, even though Oaksterdam is completely legal in California. President Obama can reschedule marijuana without congressional approval, and since he has not lived up to his campaign promises to leave regulation up to the states, we think it's time to demand real action over words.

Can you sign our petition urging President Obama to reschedule marijuana and end the war on patients and caregivers?.

President Obama:

Marijuana's classification as a Schedule I substance under federal law has created a dangerous legal gray area, that has unfairly punished states, caregivers and patients across the country.

We, the undersigned, demand that you immediately reschedule marijuana.

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