A Fix for Michigan

Having been stripped of delegates for setting an early primary date, Michigan democratic voters presently have no say in selecting their party's nominee for president. To avoid disenfranchising these voters and damaging the Democratic Party, we've come up with a simple compromise plan to seat some delegates and not give an unfair advantage to either candidate for the confusion around the Michigan primary.

Fill out the form below to sign the petition, and we'll deliver your message to Howard Dean, Chairman of the DNC, and Mark Brewer, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.

Petition Text:

As Democratic voters, we urge the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) and Democratic National Committee (DNC) to compromise and seat some Michigan delegates in the following method:

  • Seat all delegates elected at the April 19 district caucuses and former party leaders and elected officials (PLEO) as selected by the MDP.
  • Seat 14 at-large delegates for each of the two leading primary candidates.
  • Do not seat Michigan "super-delegates" unless they are selected as an at-large delegate by one of the candidates.