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Tell Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta:
Drop "Aiding the Enemy" Charges Against Bradley Manning

After 18 months in custody, Pfc. Bradley Manning is finally recieving a pre-trial hearing. The military will use this hearing to decide wether it will go forward in prosecuting Manning for allegedly leaking classified documents to Wikileaks.

Manning has been accused of "aiding the enemy," — a charge with absolutey no basis. If convicted he could face a life imprisonment.

Join us in demanding the government drop these ludicrous charges:

Letter to Secretary Panetta:

The US Army's decision to charge Pfc. Bradley Manning with charges of "aiding the enemy" is appalling. These charges are unsupported and wholly inappropriate.

Pfc. Manning has been held by the U.S. Government for 18 months and is just now receiving a day in court.

Why does the government want to imprison Manning for life as someone who "aided the enemy," when the documents he is accused of leaking helped bring about democratic change in some of the most authoritarian and oppressive countries in the world?

Secretary Panetta, please drop the charges of "aiding the enemy" against Pfc. Bradley Manning.

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