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Stop Intimidating Patients:
Tell AG Holder to End Federal Raids on Medical Marijuana

Barack Obama’s Department of Justice could crack down on lawful medical marijuana dispensaries as soon as today.

Can you sign our emergency letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to keep President Obama’s promise to respect state medical marijuana laws?

Dear Attorney General Eric Holder,

In 2009, your office issued a memo declaring an end to the use of federal funds to raid medical marijuana dispensaries in states where they are legal.

But US Attorneys have ignored your memo in a rogue campaign against lawful medical marijuana operations in nearly all medical marijuana states.

President Obama was elected on a promise of respecting state laws about medical marijuana. You must keep his promise and re-state your 2009 directive to stop this rogue campaign against patients and caregivers.


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Just Say Now is proud to partner with the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform on this important campaign, who may send you updates on marijuana policy reform.

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