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Maj. Gen. Buchanan: Drop 'Aiding the Enemy' Charges Against Manning

The government contends that Bradley knowingly gave information to "the enemy," al-Qaeda, by giving documents to Wikileaks for publication on the Internet, where anyone can read them. This is not only a logical stretch, but a bald-faced threat to journalists and activists that they too could be charged with knowingly aiding al-Qaeda should they call the public's attention to the multitudinous crimes of our government.

As the convening authority of Bradley Manning's court martial, Major General Jeffrey Buchanan has the power to dismiss charges. We believe the aiding the enemy charge, which carries a disproportionate punishment for what Bradley's alleged to have done and could deal a devastating blow to our democracy, should be dismissed, and call on Maj. Gen. Linnington to do so immediately.

Sign our petition to Major General Jeffrey Buchanan to dismiss the aiding the enemy charge against Bradley Manning.

We the undersigned call on Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan to drop the 'aiding the enemy' charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning. Manning's alleged conduct does not merit such charges, and if pursued they represent a grave threat to free press and democracy in the United States.

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