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Tell the DOJ - Keep Up the Pressure on Wall Street
Call the Criminal Division: (202)-353-4641

We're happy to see the Department of Justice take Standard & Poor's to court -- but we need keep the pressure on the DOJ to prosecute other Wall Street criminals for the 2008 financial crisis as well.

The DOJ is reportedly considering a similar lawsuit against the ratings agency Moody's, and we think this would be the appropriate next step in addressing Wall Street fraud.

Call the DOJ to thank them for going after S&P and encourage them to bring suits against other ratings agencies:

Criminal Division Citizen's Line (speak to a staff member): (202) 353-4641
DOJ Public Comment line (leave a message): (202)-353-1555

Sample script:

Hello, my name is ____{name}____ and I'm calling today to commend the DOJ for it's recent suit against Standard and Poor's. The DOJ must see this suit through, and send a message that those who caused the 2008 financial crisis will be held responsible.

I also feel the DOJ should move forward in pursuing other Wall Street criminals like Moody's who, according to reports, engaged in some of the same practices as S&P. Please don't make Americans wait any longer for the justice they deserve. Thank you for your time.

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