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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy
House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers
House Select Oversight Panel Chairman Rush Holt

During the height of the fear generated by the anthrax attacks of 2001, ABC News repeatedly reported that the Anthrax used in the attacks could be linked to Saddam Hussein. We now know these claims to be false, but at the time they played a key role in fanning the flames of mounting tension with Iraq, and ABC refuses to identify who fed them those fabricated reports.

Beyond that disturbing episode, there are numerous questions that remain unresolved with regard to the anthrax attacks. Even leading members of Congress charged with oversight of the FBI -- including Sen. Pat Leahy, Rep. Rush Holt and former Sen. Tom Daschle -- have repeatedly complained that they have been "stonewalled" in their attempt to obtain basic information. In light of the magnitude of the anthrax attacks, it is imperative that Americans be convinced that all facts relevant to these attacks have been divulged.

Only an investigative body endowed with full Subpoena power -- whether that be a specially-constituted Senate-House Committee of the type that investigated the Iran-contra scandal, or an independent Commission of the type that investigated the 9/11 attacks -- would be sufficient for ensuring that all facts are divulged.

Rep. Holt, as Chair of the Select Intelligence Oversight Panel, recently said that he supports this proposal, and as Americans who insist that facts surrounding the anthrax attacks and the subsequent investigation be fully disclosed, we urge you to support such a proposal and promptly commence a real investigation.

Glenn Greenwald
Jane Hamsher
Accountability Now

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