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Burn Your AARP Card:
Protect Social Security from Benefit Cuts


The AARP Board of Directors is set to allow cuts to Social Security benefits, according to news reports. Social Security is under assault, and we need to quickly organize to protect its future. Sign our letter to pledge to protect Social Security from the AARP's coming attacks.

AARP’s apparent decision to not oppose Social Security benefit cuts is a betrayal to not just its members, but all Americans. Any cut to Social Security undermines the longstanding social contract in our country.
It is unclear what AARP stands to gain from using its name to stop helping senior citizens and instead directly attack their well-being. What is clear is that Social Security needs to be protected now than ever.
We pledge to continue our fight to take Social Security cuts off the table in any proposal that goes through Congress. 

 Add your name to the left to sign our letter.

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