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Call AARP to Stop Attempts to Support Benefit Cuts

Well-known Social Security opponents are meeting for private, off-the-record 'salon's' with AARP CEO Barry Rand.

The seniors' advocacy group held similar strategy sessions last year just two months before announcing they would drop their opposition to benefit cuts like raising the retirement age.

If actions speak louder than words, this year's AARP salons may signal a renewed attempt to support benefit cuts. Can you please call AARP today and demand they stop their back-room strategy sessions to cut benefits?

Contact AARP: Tel: (888) 687-2277 | Email: member@aarp.org

When you call there will be a short recording asking if you'd like to take the AARP survey - just stay on the line, tell them you are a member and ask to speak to a representative.

» Not an AARP member? Click here.


My name is { YOUR NAME } and as a member, I am deeply disappointed with CEO Barry Rand's "E Street Exchange."

As the nation's largest seniors advocacy group, AARP should listen to what its members want for the future of Social Security and Medicare - not known supporters of benefit cuts.

Please end these AARP strategy sessions and make a real effort to fight for our benefits. Thank you for your time.

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