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Call Your Representative:  No Public Option, No Mandate.

The House and Senate are looking to pass a health care reform bill that forces Americans to purchase private health insurance without having the choice of a public plan.

This is an unfair deal for the American people and we want to restore our right to choose.  Call your representative today and ask them to make the pledge: if there's no public option, there shouldn't be an individual mandate.

Find your Rep's phone number in the table belowUse this script when you call and enter the responses in the form to the right. 

My name is _____ and I'm a constituent of Rep. _______.

I want to know how the Representative plans to vote on health care reform.

There's currently no public option in the Senate bill but there's still an individual mandate to buy insurance from private insurers.

Without a public option, Americans are forced to give 8% of their income to private insurance companies or pay 2% to the IRS.  This is wrong.  If there's not a public option, there shouldn't be an individual mandate.

Will Rep. __________ oppose a final bill with an individual mandate that does not include a public option?

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