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One Voice For Choice Phone Bank (One Voice For Choice)
We will be phone banking into those lawmakers districts who voted for both the Stupak/Pitts Amendment and the health care reform bill, and who are now threatening to vote against a final bill if Stupak/Pitts is stripped from the legislation.
The Stupak/Pitts amendment goes further than any previous federal law to restrict access to abortion —and flies in the face of an important principle of health care reform: that no one would lose benefits they already have. We will be targeting likely voters who are pro-choice and ask them to sign on to a petition demanding their congressman vote for a final health care reform bill that's free of Stupak/Pitts. This will be a unique and tightly targeted campaign, pressuring lawmakers with the voices of those they care most about - motivated voters who will hold them accountable at the ballot box in 2010.
Host: Heather Coller
Contact Phone: 310-373-3494
Coller Family Home (Redondo Beach, CA)
225 Vista del Parque
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Directions: Near El Retiro Park, at the intersection of PCH and Prospect Blvd in South Redonodo/Torrance area
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