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Defeat Stupak! (One Voice For Choice)
Will you help phone bank to help defeat the most serious assault on reproductive freedom in a generation?

Passing health care reform in this country shouldn't come at the cost of women's reproductive rights. But that's exactly what will happen if Democrats allow the anti-choice Stupak amendment to become law.

We will be phone banking into the districts of Democratic lawmakers who voted for the Stupak amendment. This will be a unique and tightly targeted campaign, pressuring these lawmakers with the voices of those they SHOULD care most about - motivated pro-choice Democratic voters who will hold them accountable at the ballot box in 2010.

Please bring your cell phone and a charger. Light refreshments will be served.
Host: Marta Evry
Kate Anderson's house (Mar Vista, CA)
12000 Thermo street
Mar Vista, CA 90066
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